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a new kind of homework

Ok, I’m not completely behind, it seems, in sampling the blogging world.

After today’s first class discussion about this abstract place with its games, manners and aldermen, I felt as left out as if I’d just heard about a great party I missed the night before. Yet, after closer examination of my own activities, I find that my new fondness for rss feeds has caught me up a little bit and helped me develop some adaptive habits.

I currently subscribe to (and even occasionally get to read): Drum Major Institute blog on public policy, which is very meaty and full of wisdom; and the blog from the staff at Norwood News, my neighborhood paper. Full disclosure: I also contribute articles to the paper. It’s been a real eye opener to focus on local issues affected by city politics.

To get a sample of just how busy City Hall can be, check out the blog from Room 8 (so named after the media room at City Hall, room 9). For a lighter summary of what goes on down there, you can have Adam Green’s version from the same site, Lunchbox, a video blog. I find him pretty funny, but I wish he’d change his background so I don’t keep noticing that little light switch behind his head.

Phew! Lesson one completed.


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