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Did you hear about that black guy?

When I caught bits of the radio broadcast of this week’s Republican debate, I found it incredibly obnoxious for all the old, suited, white male candidates to mention the number of ways in which they could keep Hilary out of the White House, while not once mentioning Obama.

Sure she’s way ahead in the polls right now, but that hardly seems like a reason for Republican candidates to ignore speculation of who the Democratic party pick will be. A lot can happen between October 07 and November 08! Heck, by the time I cast my vote, I’ll be one month from finishing grad school!

It’s an old trick to ignore race , to deflate and remove it from public discussion. We’ve seen it for years, especially with the current administration. Seeing the candidates display the same arrogance is disappointing.


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On p.1

journal news front page

I was surprised to look for my little article on a marching band competition and find it as the lead interest story of the Rockland Journal News for that Monday.

It was a fun event between several high school bands in the metro area. They take their competitions very seriously and travel to a lot of invitationals for experience.

East Ramapo high school marching band rocked the event with a lot of daring choreography. They live on the wild side.

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