Hillary Clinton’s New York Primary win

It surprised a lot of New Yorkers who had pounded the streets wearing Obama signs and stickers, but in the end, the New York primary was called for Hillary.

I headed for Queens on super Tuesday to see who might have skipped the NYGiants parade to cast their vote, while all of my classmates did the same in their assigned neighborhoods around the city. Many of our stories are featured on the school’s news service page.

Hillary Clinton’s New York Primary win

Although the polls closed at 9 p.m., several of us kept up the coverage by going to campaign headquarters and celebrations. My classmate Lakshmi Gandhi and I headed for Hillary’s victory party. She called in reports to a live student broadcast (now a podcast on the news service), I shot video. Next to me on the floor was Queens resident Steve Behar, a hopeful for a 2009 seat on NYCity Council representing Queens district 19. He is a long-time campaigner for the Democratic Party and was thrilled with Hillary’s win.

You can see what it was like to be right there with her supporters in this video.


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