Bags (Still) For Sale

I joined my classmates Roisin O’Connor, Rosaleen Ortiz and Mathew Warren for a walk around the “counterfeit triangle,” as Mayor Bloomberg calls it, near Centre and Canal streets to see the effects of Tuesday’s police raid of the fake bag & watch vendors.


photo by Roisin O’Connor

Just a day after the shutdown, it was easy to talk with shoppers who purchased knock-offs, and I even spoke with a vendor long enough that he expressed his great dissatisfaction with the whole system he is caught up in–from the exploitative boss who expects him to take the risks and the heat, to the label executives that demand a city crack down. The question everyone on Canal Street was left with is: Was this the best use of the city’s resources? Is it a big deal to protect labels from imitation? Is it worthwhile to put people out of work? Certainly the shoppers and the street peddlers don’t pose a threat to anyone, so is it worth the hassle? Why or why not?You can decide after reading and listening to more of their stories whether or not you would close shops and confiscate the illegal goods.


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  1. roisinmcginn

    Hi Annie! Nice post! I’ve been meaning to make my way around to all our class blogs… perfect way to waste a Friday night…

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