Live Blog of a Lifetime: Watching Obama’s 1st speech as President-Elect

barack-obama-5-14-0811:57 p.m.  I have no words to put here, but saw an image that reflected perfectly my feelings: streaming tears on Jesse Jackson’s face. Way back in ’88 he planted the seeds in believing voters like me–that a black man could rise to the primary seat of power in our country.

“Anything is possible”–this is the message the whole world has wanted to hear for a long, long time. it’s as if we’re terribly thirsty for a leader who knows how to take us back to the mountain top.

12:02: while it’s totally appropriate to thank Biden as his partner, it seems in some way like Hillary Clinton has been the one who walked along the hard campaign trail with him the most.

12:06: Let’s hear it for those millenials!

12:04: NEW PUPPY?! Oh the names speculation that is about to hit the news. Oy!

12:07: Yes we can get there! Obama is always the pragmatist, but what better time to sober up exhilarated crowds than at your victory speech? He’s helping us cope with the election hangover we’re about to have come Wednesday.

12:09 “Let us summon a new spirit…” Obama must realize by now that he’s been doing that with every minute of his campaign, with every speech, every endorsement, every Youtube song. Neighbors have been reaching out to each other, voters have called and visited each other. Americans have remembered to hold their own campaign conversation.

12:10: WE ARE NOT ENEMIES BUT FRIENDS….he’s right to acknowledge he must earn the friendship of those who didn’t vote for him.

12:15 Ann Nixon’s story is everyone’s story. She was alive through so much that’s important to our history–all the things that we’ve learned about from parents and grandparents about what makes us Americans. That she came so far, from enduring overt racism to seeing MLK’s assassination to casting her vote for a black man, finally brings me to tears.

12:17 Oprah, dry your tears! Obama put the challenge out to all of us to clean up this country, work for justice and make this world better for our children. We have work to do!

Finally, my ownly nagging feeling: I wish he had smiled while giving his speech. I know, he needed to appear stern to start whipping this country into shape. Or perhaps it was his grandmother’s death. In any case this has been a long road for the now graying Obama, and his weariness makes the victory bittersweet.


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  1. Beautiful Annie, absolutely beautifully written. As always.

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