Live blog: Obama’s address to joint session

Finally I get it. I understand now what it is I believed in on voting day in 2008. Hearing Obama speak to the country and hearing him challenge us on such a personal level–to care for ourselves, protect our children from debt, improve ourselves and hold our legislators accountable to bringing better policies in to law–that is what inspired me before the election and what I look forward to for the next 8 years. barack-obama

I’m so glad a twitter alert from a friend responding to tonight’s speech to a joint session on O’s budget reminded me to turn on my radio. It was heartening to hear the lively hooting & hollering from congress…and made me so curious to see, I finally went to the television.  It was a bonus to see the eager smiles of some lawmakers when their priorities were discussed.


What a fantastic idea–asking every American to get some education. “No more quitting on yourself or your country.” Volunteerism in exchange for college credits?! National service? New Hatch & Kennedy bill?Awesome.


This idea of shining a light on all the unbudgeted items gave me pause. No kidding–we don’t know the price of war? We never budgeted for natural disasters? Again, his agenda is to keep reminding congress that a new era of governing is here: one where the needs of the public are foremost in each lawmaker’s minds.


Extra long pause for the military support comment. Making sure everybody stands? About time we put money where vets need it most–in recovering from certain trauma from serving in the ME.  YEAH! CLOSING GITMO! Joint chiefs clapping for the “we don’t torture” comment.


“In our hands lies the ability to shape”….calling out examples of ordinary citizens doing the obvious & right thing….this is how Obama is teaching the rest of us to redefine ourselves and make simple choices to take small actions for each other and improve our communities.


“tells us about the people who sent us here”….O is always reminding congress–an audience used to power and privilege–that they are public servants. All of us watching are also reminded that those men & women work for us and our country. That implies our involvement, our need to talk with those public servants in order to shape this world together.


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