No Impact Week

Yes, I joined the 4000 who have signed up to experiment with the Huffington Post to imitate Collin Beavan’s year of livinoimpactng a life on the planet with zero impact. No, not a gimmick, and yes, harder than it sounds.

I’ll be adding blog posts and comments on the Massachusetts group site. Already, this experiment has compelled me to buy produce with no packaging from a nearby farm and start a tiny pile of compost.  I’ll blog & take photos as I try to adjust–even small changes require an adjustment in expectations and planning.

Why did I join? A lot of what Collin attempted to do for one year is the same in philosophy as what I enjoy about the Mennonites’ beliefs and practices, and it reminds me of the life I didn’t even realize I had forgotten about, growing up each summer on my grandparents’ farm. I know these old ways that are better for the planet, better for my health and better for my family. I feel like I’m going home.

There is another reason for me to join: this is the kind of journalism I most want to be part of and it is instructive for me to be on the citizen end for a time. Already I understand a lot more about the level of commitment and the effort it requires for each participant to make a meaningful contribution. I also see how important it is for each of us to have a forum for connecting to each other and sharing ideas/photos/comments spontaneously.


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