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Strutting our Crowdsourcing Stuff today

I am very pleased to be part of WNYC’s efforts to package our crowdsourcing hybrid reporting model to share with other public media stations. I hope this will open up more community reporting opportunities and bring more people into the storytelling ring to share their experience and their views.

Have questions about this method? Hit me up with questions by posting them below. I’ll try to add them to the Fieldguide’s FAQ as we develop that also!


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No time like NOW to give authority to the truth

I wasn’t particularly struck by this article in Salon about a new book on conspiracy theories until I read the last line, stated by the book’s author.

David Aaronovitch: When there is no authority to the truth, prejudices thrive.

I feel that statement’s weight as I grow concerned about the fear mongering we all hear about, or when I get another liberal-hating joke emailed to me from a family member.

I pause and wonder how my voice can speak not just truth-to-power, but truth-to-overwhelming noise on television, radio and the internet.

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