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Crack-downs on undocumented immigrants =separated families

Reporting by Craig Thompson and Annie Shreffler

Ernesto Rosales freely admits that he and his wife, Maria Reyna, are undocumented immigrants. After living in Queens with their children for eight years, it’s hard for them to believe Maria could ever be deported.
They crossed in to the US from Mexico near Tijuana when Maria was four months pregnant. She narrowly avoided a miscarriage in the mountains east of Tijuana. They paid a coyote $4,000 to fly them from Arizona to New York and now live in Woodside, Queens.

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Ernesto and Maria say they never expected the care and concern they have been shown by New Yorkers. Their first child, Alejandro, was born At Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan and diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Maria had to visit him at the hospital for the first month. Then, when he was three, Alejandro was diagnosed with leukemia, and treated at Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital. Once Alejandro could travel, the Make-A-Wish Foundation flew the family to Orlando to see Mickey Mouse. Maria keeps the dozens of stuffed animals her son received on top of a cabinet and has two albums full of pictures showing his time in the hospital and their Florida trip.
Alejandro finally began school this year, at the age of 8, and receives occupational therapy and special education at PS 9 on Grand Avenue in Queens. Alejandro’s little sister, Evelyn, is four and will start school next year.
Earlier this year, Maria and her sister-in-law took a train to see relatives in Chicago, but were stopped near Buffalo by immigration officials. The women were arrested and put up in a hotel rather than in a holding cell, as she was traveling with Alejandro. She will appear before a judge on May 16th. Her lawyer has told her, regardless of the needs of her son, her chances of staying in the US are very slim.
“They (the immigration authorities) don’t care about the rest of the family,” said Ernesto. “They don’t care who the kids stay with. They only care about her.”

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